Alternative Approaches to Policing and Healing in Anti Police Terror Project

Anti Police Terror Project Sacramento Organizer Jamier Sale Joins CapRadio

Anti Police Terror Project Sacramento organizer Jamier Sale joined CapRadio to discuss the protests over the murder of George Floyd and what the movement is fighting for.

Brooks points to the APTP’s MH First program, which provides police-free emergency support services via phone from Friday through Sunday.

The program is designed to respond to psychiatric emergencies, substance use crisis, and domestic violence safety planning without involving police.

Jail Support

Jail support is a long-standing practice of social movements that ensures that people who are arrested for participating in demonstrations have comrades outside the courthouse to meet them with food, document injuries, and drive them home when they are released. It defuses state efforts to isolate activists, amplifies the message of their arrest, and shows that even if they are sent away to jail, the movement will continue.

Lawson has watched the number of New York City participants in jail support rise as protests have sprung up around the country. The group communicates with each other via a shared chat on Signal, an encrypted messaging app that’s easy to use on most devices. They update each other regularly by texting “Hello” to a dedicated jail support channel and then sending their location (the group uses different sites around the city). They also share updates and resources on their Facebook page and Twitter account. Many of them are homeless and have been sleeping at their sites or relying on locals for hospitality.

Healing Justice

The Healing Justice movement is a framework that acknowledges the impact of systemic oppression and provides pathways to collective healing. It’s rooted in Black feminism, anti-capitalism, and abolition and focuses on healing historic/generational trauma while naming the impact of ongoing oppressive forces like police, health care, education, and more.

APTP’s Sacramento Healing Justice committee provides families impacted by police terror with healing baskets, including self care items to remind them that they are not alone and that the community supports them. In addition, they help with legal referrals and connect impacted families with other resources to support them in their journey toward justice.

APTP is hosting a series of workshops, teachings and healing circles in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day as part of its Reclaim MLK Radical Legacy Weekend. You can join them for a webinar on Saturday or at the People’s House in Oakland. More information is available here.

Volunteer Opportunities

After the murder of Miles Hall, Tauna Jones and many others, anti police terror project organizer Cat Brooks says she knew it was time to take action. She and other activists are now calling on Sacramento City Council to adopt a model for crisis response that will divert nonviolent calls away from police officers.

In January, APTP launched MH First in Sacramento, a community-based program that provides police-free emergency support for people experiencing a mental health crisis. Three nights a week, a team of volunteers is available to answer calls or texts using a different phone number from 911 and provide peer support, medical advice, safety planning and more.

APTP is a Black-led, multiracial, intergenerational coalition seeking to build a replicable and sustainable model to eradicate police terror in communities of color. Among other things, they support families who survive police terror in their fight for justice by documenting police abuses and connecting impacted family members and community with resources, legal referrals, and opportunities for healing.

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The Dangerous Impact of Anti-Police Rhetoric

The Rise of Anti-Police Rhetoric

Law enforcement officials are watching the election closely, not just to see if there are any safety concerns but also who is elected to Congress. Some Democrats have backed away from the defund police slogan, but others remain tied to it.

Even though the vast majority of Americans support police, their voices are drowned out by a vocal few spouting anti-police rhetoric. This is an issue that must be addressed.

It is a form of terrorism

The rise of anti-police rhetoric has real consequences for law enforcement. It can demoralize officers and reduce community support for police, making them less effective in combating crime and serving the public. It can also lead to a spiral of reciprocal radicalization in fringe groups. These groups can exploit hateful rhetoric and justify their own violent actions, which can escalate tensions in targeted communities.

It’s time for progressive organizations and elected leaders to stop using anti-police rhetoric to manipulate young minds. Their tactics are fueling violence against cops. They are turning people against law enforcement by fostering mistrust, which has the effect of driving away investments in policing. It’s also causing officers to hang up their badges. Veteran NYPD cops fed up with the political demonization of their profession are retiring in droves. They are tired of being used as political pawns by their elected officials and are fed up with protests that distract from the job at hand.

It is a form of racism

The majority of Americans support the police, but their voices are drowned out by a vocal minority. This minority, which includes some members of Congress like Maxine Waters, has a profound impact on the public debate. It is also a significant factor in the rising number of homicides of police officers.

Many veteran cops are fed up with anti-police rhetoric and are retiring in large numbers. For example, deputy inspector Richard Brea left the NYPD because he believed elected officials were demonizing them as protests against police brutality spread. He said he wants to retire because “our cops are not political pawns.”

While it is possible that some law enforcement officers harbor troubling racial beliefs, the vast majority of them do not. It is also important to note that there is no federal database of overtly racist police misconduct, so it is hard to know what percentage of officers are guilty of such behavior. Moreover, the FBI only recently began collecting data on police violence against people of color.

It is a form of sexism

Police officers are oftentimes the victims of negative rhetoric. They are subjected to verbal abuse and physical assaults at work, but they still put their lives on the line for the sake of community safety. This is why it’s so important to stand up for our police force, and not let the people who hate them ruin our society.

While social scientists have provided insights on how gender-based policy frames can exacerbate or mitigate femonationalism, there remains little understanding of how national contexts influence the framing of anti-street harassment policies. During fieldwork on the campaign to criminalise public sexual harassment in France, feminists’ critique over the risk of racial stigmatisation was largely rejected by policymakers.

Those who choose to serve their community deserve more than hollow slogans that ring false for a media hungry for “red meat.” The people of Phoenix need their police officers to protect them from the wolves, and those elected leaders and activists who continue to spew anti-police rhetoric need to wake up and see what they are doing.

It is a form of classism

When political leaders and journalists use radical ideological language and accept woke assumptions, they stoke hatred of police. This vitriol deters honest people from joining the force and leaves the public vulnerable to criminals. It also makes it harder to identify the true sources of anti-police sentiment.

The call to “defund the police” is part of a larger movement against law enforcement. This strategy is designed to undermine the police and redirect their resources toward social programs. It is a form of classism that reifies police as a tool for elite control.

When a society believes that police are systemically racist, crazy people will lash out and murder officers in unprovoked attacks. This type of rhetoric creates a dangerous climate where it is impossible for police to do their jobs. This is why it is important to listen to the voice of police officers, who deserve our respect. They are a vital part of our national security.

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Bringing the Thrill of Football to Your Screens

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Football relay, by bridging the gap between fans and the sport, not only brings enjoyment but also a plethora of benefits. Crucial moments of a match relayed live forge a sense of unity among disparate individuals cheering for their team, bonding over shared triumphs and defeats. Participating in football relay, be it as a player or spectator, helps build social skills, fosters teamwork, promotes physical fitness, and enhances strategic thinking.

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Alloimmunization Against Erythrocytes in Pregnancy: Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Pregnancy and Anti-E Positive Alloimmunization

Anti-e antibodies cause significant fetal and newborn hemolytic disease requiring prenatal intervention. Unlike other non-RhD alloimmunization, anti-e antibodies are not usually associated with prior affected pregnancies and are often found when antibody titers and DOD 450 are high.

Platelet concentrate alloimmunization with non-RhD antibodies is rare and usually accompanied by anti-D or anti-C. We report a case of anti-e alloimmunization following buffy coat-derived platelet concentrates (BC-PCs).


Antibodies produced during pregnancy (either from an incompatibility or blood transfusion) can cross the placenta and bind to fetal red blood cells that have the matching antigen. This causes the destruction of the fetal blood cells and results in a severe form of hemolysis. The resulting bilirubin then builds up in the infant’s system, causing hyperbilirubinemia.

Hemolytic disease of the newborn (HDN) caused by anti-E is extremely rare. Unlike other non-D Rh antibodies, such as anti-D, anti-c and autoantibodies, which can give rise to HDN, hematological abnormalities due to anti-E are not known to increase with subsequent pregnancies.

A 32-year-old woman with anti-E antibodies detected during her first pregnancy had a direct Coombs test titer of 1 : 2 in the second trimester. Her fetus was diagnosed with hydrops at 18 weeks and required a single transfusion. Despite the high indirect Coombs titer, her MCA-PSV remained within the normal range. The fetus was delivered at 33 weeks and had a postnatal hemoglobin of 19.0 g/dL.


Antibody typing for the E antigen is not routinely performed antenatally. However, it should be considered in pregnant women who have a history of prior hemolytic disease due to e-antigen isoimmunization or have high titers of anti-E antibody.

A neonate with severe hyperbilirubinemia was born to an e-antigen negative and Rh positive mother with a blood group O and subtype R1R2. His erythrocyte e-antigen was destroyed by maternal alloantibody, which resulted in the development of HDN. A postnatal workup showed severe hyperbilirubinemia with a positive direct Coombs test.

A multipara woman with an O Rh positive husband developed high titers of anti-E antibodies during her first pregnancy. She was diagnosed with hydrops fetalis by ultrasonography, and a Doppler peak systolic velocity of 0.8 m/sec indicated severe fetal anemia.


Alloimmunization against erythrocytes carries the risk of severe hemolytic disease in the newborn (HDN). The anti-E antibodies can cross the placenta and attack fetal red cells carrying the E antigen. HDN due to anti-E is less common than those caused by other non-D Rh antibodies, such as anti-C or anti-D.

However, even low titers of anti-E alloimmunization can result in HDN. Joy et al. found that of the 19 pregnancies in which maternal titer exceeded 1 : 16, six resulted in fetal Hb below 10 g/dL and two resulted in perinatal death, one of which was due to hydrops fetus.

The treatment of HDN caused by anti-E involves phototherapy and exchange transfusion. Intravenous immunoglobulin can reduce the need for exchange transfusion and shortens the duration of phototherapy. However, the optimum method to treat HDN is to prevent maternal alloimmunization using matched antigen-negative RBC units.

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